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The Time Has Come

There are still many dispensaries that are active but conducting business, unlicensed. The time has come. While it might be a bit of an initial expense and motivation to start working on licensing approval, it’s worth it if you find the right partner to help guide you through this process. In all fairness, it’s better than going out of business as more dispensaries jump on the band wagon and as the government cracks down on unlicensed vendors.

Sharing the responsibilities makes a huge difference in actively pursuing and meeting the strict requirements necessary with your municipality and other governing agencies. This is why Tri West Technologies has partnered with Benchmark Labs and Tesseract Security Consulting to give you an all-in-one licensing solution. With one phone call, we can take your vision from the idea stage right through the design and implementation phases to safeguard and upgrade your existing business so it’s legal and future ready.

We have been actively working with this field for many years to help companies meet and exceed requirements so we can assure you that your facility will be locked down like a fortress and tracks every movement. Every location is unique so we offer complimentary assessments to introduce ourselves and services to you in a short Executive Briefing to evaluate how to move you through the stages of licensing in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment time and let us help you bring your seed to success!