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Legalization Liability

As legalization of marijuana becomes a reality worldwide, strategizing the best implementation strategies for security, monitoring and remote management have quickly become a high priority conversation.  From licensed producers of medical marijuana and cannabis products to ACMPR patients who are permitted to grow their own medicinal plants at home, having a properly designed high quality video surveillance/alarm/access control system makes a huge difference with regards to liability issues and theft prevention. This concern has also woven into community conversations with more and more dispensaries opening in neighborhoods and communities all over, and with good reason.  Not only are plants and products an attractive product to thieves but there is a heightened concern for confidential patients records to be compromised, glass products, equipment, inventory,  and valuable hardware are all at risk of being damaged, stolen, and broken. Just the other day, a dispensary was robbed for plants and expensive glass products which were damaged during their transportation. In the event mentioned, neither of these products could be replaced and were lost at the owner’s expense as well as repairing the damage done by the break-in. Another important element to consider is the safe keeping and protection of any staff and clientele should an incident such as this occur while occupying the premises.

When a high quality video surveillance and intrusion is put in place, it’s possible to have video alerts issued for a top priority police response in the event that someone trespasses on the property after hours. It’s possible to track inventory, deliveries, shipments and all personnel staffed who have access to the plants and products carried. There are options for sensors to detect a rise or drop in temperature which could adversely affect crops or products and flood detectors to offer a notification if there’s a leak or any flooding in order to prevent extensive damage. Higher risk establishments would want to consider 256-bit encryption and biometric recognition system for their security systems. Many also consider thermal camera options and additional lighting to enhance the video surveillance platform to compliment a Smart security platform.

With so many wonderful options available, it can be overwhelming and confusing when deciding what system would be best suited for the property that requires protection.

That’s where we come in!

Tri West Technologies offers a complimentary site evaluation with customized security strategies that work to meet your specific budget and needs, while keeping your business in compliance with all regulation or governing bodies.

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