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How To Reduce Threats To Your Security

In recent news we’ve heard about security concerns about information from various news sources citing that HikVision cameras are possibly filtering information to three servers in China. With a brand that has become so widely recognizable and is threaded from personal residences to small, medium and large businesses across the globe, this poses devastating consequences for the end users and leaves them exposed and disadvantaged. When it comes to cyber security, you can have the best firewalls put in place on your network but it’s as easy as putting a compromised piece of hardware on the inside of that network, such as a IP CCTV camera, that can leave you vulnerable to threats and compromising your network. With the way the foreign investors have been gobbling up our properties over the past year or so here in BC, it’s a dangerous gamble to have your sensitive information in the hands of your competitors.

Choosing high quality equipment from reputable sources, such as Bosch, are an essential element to protect the integrity of your security platform, for gathering valuable information should a breach of security occur, for integrated service solutions and ultimately for your safety and peace of mind.  

Be mindful in remembering that not all cameras and systems are created equal. 

Some brands might look aesthetically appealing in ideal conditions and offer an attractive price point but when they are relied upon to perform in low light situations, where detail is essential through high resolution images and higher frame rates or to perform in a dynamic environment they will sadly fail, and at what cost to you?

Consider partnering with a firm that has extensive knowledge in the equipment and hardware offered to you. Ensure that the quality is reflected in a pricing model that makes sense and finally be conscious of where your information is stored and how it’s protected.

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